Guardiola congratulates himself

Pep Guardiola has as a trainer now 400 victory to his name.

“This Was my 400th victory as a trainer? I didn’t know that! Congratulations To Pep. I am very pleased with this”, reported the BBC at the mouth of the Spanish manager, who last year with a record number of points, the championship title binnensleepte with The Citizens.

“In the first half we were not in our rhythm. Bournemouth also has a quick vanguard, that made it difficult to against them to play.”

Guardiola had an explanation for the tame first half. “We play every three days for a contest and it was today, what matt. People sometimes think that it is easy, but the truth is that we sometimes just awkward. Especially because opponents in England are so strong. We must learn to also when we tired to find a way to win.”

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