Going to Moses openly in the 13 Commandments?

To spans no lack in the 13 Commandments of the past 12 weeks. After the federal judicial police, previously the wrong seriedader picked up and the viewer came to know who really is the criminal route was gone, the question is in the final of the 13 Commandments or Moses snared… or he is as free as a bird remains. Maybe squeeze somebody seriously eye? One thing is for sure: Moses has a big constituency gathered and the sympathy for him grew week after week, case after case, even murder after murder, now he himself also sinned against the fifth commandment “do not Kill, do not give annoyance”.

The exciting thrillerreeks was the past weeks, followed by an average of 665.000 viewers, good for a market share of 30.7 % (VVA 18-54; live +7). That number may be in the coming weeks the plot, as 13 Provided much delayed looking at.

13 Commandments, Mondays at 21.35 on VTM.

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