Fighter pilot, oliemiljonair, president, and ‘father of’

The end of the Cold War and the first gulf war were the most important events during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, who on Friday died.

‘Oh, the vision thing.’ George Herbert Walker Bush will not be the annals be remembered as the most eloquente of American presidents. In books with these quotes from world leaders is …

‘Oh, the vision thing.’ George Herbert Walker Bush will not be the annals be remembered as the most eloquente of American presidents. In books with eloquent quotes of world leaders, his name is rarely seen. The vision quote him, however, his life-long haunt.

He made the statement in 1987, when he prepared for his campaign as a presidential candidate. A friend suggested him for a few days to pull back to think about where the country was going to lead. ‘Oh’, sighed, Bush annoyed, ‘the vision thing’.

The biggest criticism on the political career of Bush Senior is that he vision was missing, that his decisions are not informed from a wider range of ideas. Or that he failed to express its views in a coherent and convincing way. ‘The vision thing’ has become a classic to other politicians of the same phenomenon to blame. Who may interpret it as a warning; Bush Senior was the last American president to have but one term may be ‘serve’.

Bush Senior was more a man of deeds, a pragmatic leader. And a man of diplomatic silence. He was only a few months president when in 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. Congressmen carried him on straight to Germany to celebrate the victory. He refused, not salt in the wound, to sprinkle.

Therefore, he was quickly with Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of the former Soviet Union, to sit around the table. An extremely important meeting, at which Gorbachev and Bush it insured that the Soviet Union never a ‘hot’ war against the US would begin. “This is just the beginning,” came the. ‘The very beginning of our road, long road to a lasting peaceful time.” Yet in december 1989, declared both of them together – at a summit meeting in Malta – officially the end of the Cold War. In the years that followed, they signed the first and the second START treaty, about the curtailment of the number of nuclear weapons.

Operation Desert Storm

The biggest merit of Bush Senior began, however, less peaceful. On August 2, 1990 invaded Iraqi tanks and soldiers the oliestaat Kuwait within which is located a few hours later, won gave. The Iraqi president Saddam Hussein declared that Kuwait now Iraqi territory. Bush Senior united 34 countries, including Belgium, in an international coalition against Iraq. He argued that it was time for a new world order, which was no place for dictators and in which the strong countries, the weaker would protect it.

Peace negotiations failed, and on 17 January 1991 summarized Operation Desert Storm, the largest air attack in history, followed one month later by Operation Desert Sable, at that moment the largest ground offensive since the Second world War. Not even four days later, gave Saddam Hussein and his army the order to withdraw. Bush Senior was the liberator of Kuwait. He showed that Saddam and his government in the saddle remained. Something son, Bush Junior, later work would make.

Read my lips

By his victory in the gulf war it appeared a year before the elections that Bush Senior could easily be re-elected. But it turned out differently. It was probably that one other legendary quote from him that make him the badger home. ‘Read my lips: no new taxes”: the meaning was a priority of his first presidential campaign.

But that promise did he not: for the budget deficit to curb, he increased the taxes. A part of his Republican supporters saw the new taxes as a betrayal, and supported Bush Senior no longer. Moreover, there was also criticism of his economic policies. America was suffering under a recession and Bush was a solid deficit. His popularity declined drastically, and in 1992 he had to make room for Democrat Bill Clinton.

Bush Senior was the only recent American president who is not a real autobiography has written. That made his son, George W. Bush, well, in 2014, a biography of his father. In ‘41: A portrait of my father’ – the 41 refers to the fact that Bush Senior, the 41st president of the United States was – he describes his father’s years as ambassador to the United Nations, CIA director, ambassador to China, vice-president of Ronald Reagan and the many other functions that he held.

For he in the politics got, was Bush Senior, active in the oil sector, where he was for forty, his first earned millions. He had studied at Yale, but only after he tracks had gained in the Second world War. In 1942, on his eighteenth birthday, he took service in the army where he was the youngest pilot in the history of the American navy was. In 1944, his airplane was shot down by the Japanese. The engine caught fire, but he could in time leave the plane with a parachute jump.

The Bush dynasty

In 1945, married Bush to Barbara Pierce, who earlier this year died. The couple had six children, one of whom, their eldest daughter, Pauline, at the age of three died from leukemia.

The family Bush is a ‘political dynasty’. Bush Seniors father, Prescott Bush was a senator from Connecticut. His son Jeb was governor of Florida. And son George Walker was the 43rd president of the United States. Like his father, he fell Saddam Hussein. But where Bush Senior stopped at the border of Iraq in 1991, Bush Junior continued in 2003. He was determined to get Saddam Hussein off, he found it necessary, in the fight against terrorism. But he also had a personal motive: “finally, this is the man who has tried my father’s murder; In ‘93 was an assassination with bombs on Bush Senior, foiled; the Iraqi Security forces would be in the attack have been involved.

Often, the media reports that tensions were between the father and son Bush. But Bush Junior has always denied that he is the war in Iraq is contracted to ‘finish’ what his father had started, or to do better than his father. According to him, had his father as to not to be in Baghdad to push, but had he himself also is equal to that twelve years later to do it.

Bush Senior, jogged for several years with his health. He suffered from a form of Parkinson’s disease and moved in a long time with a wheelchair. In recent years he was several times admitted to the hospital. Friday, he died at the age of 94, shared his family with him.

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