Farcical miss Linssen takes Sprint victory

Bryan Linssen (right)

When a victory had Vitesse the fourth place over from FC Utrecht. The team of Dick Advocaat came Friday night no further than a tie against Exclsior: 3-3.

After half an hour of football came to Vitesse the lead. Roy Beerens had preferred over Navarone Foor and made his move with an assist. The 31-year-old attacker-operated Bryan Linssen with a cross from the right. The midfielder of the people from arnhem came good for his man and nodded fine.

Bryan Linssen (right) has the score open.

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In the second half came the visitors from Emmen quickly alongside. Caner Cavlan was the most attentive when Vitesse goalie Eduardo a bet is not able to eliminate.

Two minutes before the end, got Linssen from eleven meters the chance to Vitesse still a victory. The 28-year-old midfielder was however just before he wanted to tear down, so his stakes are high on flew.

His miss did strongly reminiscent of that of David Beckham ever against Turkey. The Englishman slipped in 2003, when taking a penalty in an important qualifier match for the european CHAMPIONSHIP. Also his bet flew high over the goal.

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