Ellen turns Julia Roberts into Kim Kardashian

Julia Roberts

The actress, who, with 3.5 million followers, moreover, little reason to complain, was a guest in the show of Ellen, which the actress would help to increase the popularity of the social medium. “I have sixty million followers, so I know what needs to be done”, said the talkshowhost reassuring against Julia, who directly asked whether they sometimes take the clothes had. “In the end though.”

Soon it became the Pretty Woman star was taken in hand by three stylists and then transformed to the wife of Kanye West. Among other things, a harness with big breasts, crammed in a tiny bikini – one of the characteristics of Kim Kardashian – was the result.

When even Martha Stewart and My Best Friend’s Wedding-colleague Dermot Mulroney Julia in the photo came to join, was the picture as good as finished and she could be prepared for an inundation of followers.

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