Clinton: a friendship with Bush was a gift

WASHINGTON – The U.s. ex-president Bill Clinton has sad reaction to the death of his former political rival George H. W. Bush. “I am extremely grateful for every minute I have with president Bush have spent and will our friendship will always be considered as one of the greatest gifts of my life,” said Clinton in a statement.

The Republican Bush was the predecessor of Clinton in the White House. The men stood opposite each other in the presidential election of 1992, which by the Democrat Clinton won. Who is full of praise for his predecessor. Bush after the Cold War, mobilised for “more unity, peace and freedom in the world,” says Clinton.

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The Democratic ex-president praises the fact that Bush has his life at the service asked of his country. He also worked during the Second world War, was ambassador of his country to the United Nations, the head of the CIA and ended up in the White House. But few Americans have such impressive service, Clinton.

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