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Charleroi swing again in the direction of (temporary) top six

Charleroi has an excellent case done. The won with 3-1 against Cercle Brugge and at least again tomorrow on the sixth place. The Carolo’s swung, as a cherry on the cake, a magnificent free-kick from Ilaimaharitra.

A good of 12,000 fans, stuffed bears on the field for the underprivileged children from the region: the contest between Charleroi and Cercle Brugge started already heart-warming (view the images here). For both teams the race was particularly interesting. Because the top six this weekend against each other plays, they could just be very close to Play-off 1. Charleroi did that with the usual eleven, while Laurent Guyot at Cercle de geschorsten Mercier and Lusamba should miss.

The enthusiasm of the fans sat down quickly on the field. Already in the first minute, it stops Cardona about the cage of Penneteau, but from then on took Charleroi the reins. Admittedly, they were some times helped by the lax Cercle-defense, that each duel, the second ball is lost. Under the impulse of a slick Bruno, a graceful Benavente and a strong Osimhen got Charleroi chance after chance, and on the quarter hour struck Benavente touch after a good combination between him, Osimhen and Bruno.

Cercle tried, and after a vrijetrap of Gakpe said Cardona on the cover strip. And the doelhout was also on the other hand, firmly to endure: Osimhen to bounce back on the pole after a good doorsteekpass of Benavente, and two minutes later brushed the vrijetrap of Bruno the cover strip.

Magisterial Ilaimaharitra

Cercle came a little sharper out of the dressing room, and Charleroi should Dessoleil soon thank for the fact that he with an ultimate tackle Cardona of the equalizer held. But on the counter was Charleroi razor-sharp: Benavente if – borderline offside – continue on the right and explained well at Osimhen. That kicked on Nardi, but the ball flew still against the ropes. Guyot intervened and brought Bongiovanni in the team for a weak Appin, but it brought little flesh on the bones.

On the contrary, Charleroi kept coming and on the hour drew Marco Ilaimharitra for the close of the evening. He shot a vrijetrap from about 25 meters staalhard in the square, a oververdiend goal for the Malagassiër that a strong season is in progress. Cercle milderde even through the sunken Bongiovanni, but further came to the Association not more.

Charleroi is doing an excellent case in the event that state until at least today on the sixth place. With the loss of points from Gent Friday and the top 6 who will compete, Charleroi, the winner of the weekend.

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