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Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto answers: Is he really?

Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto answers: Is he really?

Home News Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto answers: Is he really?

Marcel Knobloch –

Since the Start of the crypto-currency Bitcoin in 2009, myths surrounding the actual founding father of the digital currency. Supposedly his Name to be Satoshi Nakamoto and the Asian region. Now he has discovered “” in a Forum, since the year 2011, for the first time again.

The alleged Bitcoin founder, was since the year of 2011, in no single Forum in this world more active. All the more surprising is the sudden life is a sign that the P2p Foundation Forum was found. Satoshi was active during the night, and took two actions. First, he posted the word “Nour”, so it is unclear what he means. This word comes from the Arabic and means as much as the light. The Account is stored with the E-mail address [email protected].

The second action was to confirm the friendship request with Wagner Tamanaha. Tamanaha had provided him with the friendship invitation, allegedly, about a year ago and is surprised obviously. He is regarded as a Blockchain Enthusiast, the experience in Marketing and knowledgeable in Brazil lives.

Since yesterday evening the wildestesn Excel speculation on who that might be and why he logs on right now. A possible theory stating that his Account was hacked and this Surprise of no importance. The real reasons are likely to remain hidden.

SEC: Not a Bitcoin ETF before the basic concerns are allayed

The discussion on the possible launch of a Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds at the forefront of heated discussions in the crypto space. Many industry experts expect a possible approval for the first quarter of the year 2019. Jay Clayton, Chairman of the SEC, is not explained on the Consensus Invest Conference in New York City, that Bitcoin exchanges are not sufficiently transparent, and monitoring capability so that an ETF may be approved without further Manpilationsbedenken (freely translated):

The investors expect that the trading of the goods is based on the ETF, useful, and free of manipulation risks. It is a Problem that needs to be addressed before I feel comfortable.

Clayton believes that an ETF could be to easily manipulated and not enough safety precautions are in place to protect investors sufficiently. This setting is also on Hand in the ongoing investigations against the Tether and Bitfinex, which are suspected to have targeted the crypto market is manipulated. The market is still too young to handle such powerful tools.

In the past, a variety of ETF was rejected requests. Nevertheless, the demand among institutional investors increases, a corresponding possibility of large sums of money in the crypto market. Further problems are seen in the storage of digital currencies. Many companies, such as Coinbase does not work with high pressure on the implementation of a Custody-only solution, so that the Deposit secures only safe, but in the case of damage, also financially secured. These developments can be observed in some of the Big players in the financial sector – The Kryptpmarkt never stands still.

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