Balende Linssen very quickly to the house: ’Terrible’

Bryan Linssen is lifted.

Defeated, he remained after the final whistle for a while on the grass. “I hate a great time here. I’m going to very quickly go home”, growled Linssen at FOX Sports.

The left had after a half hour with a header, the score opened. He rewarded Vitesse thus for a strong first half. “But after that it was nothing more. I saw already right at the kickoff of the second half that Emmen are not five men in the back played, but 4-4-2. However, no matter how they play, we need to be much better than those guys.” Caner Cavlan withdrew the orientation is the same and only in the final stage, made Vitesse again to claim the profit.

The home team got a penalty kick, but Linssen shot the ball high over because he slipped at the moment of shooting. According to him, was that due to the poor turf. “I was pretty sure behind that ball. But now there is a whole lot of the field. Terrible.”

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