’Artists on Saudi festival is a hypocrite’

Black Eyed Peas

The chairman of the Human Rights Foundation Garri Kasparov will find that these musicians immediately the shows must cancel. That’s what he says against the Hollywoodreporter. With the assassination of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is still fresh in the memory, calls Kasparov the musicians ’hypocrite’. “They have their fans were called upon to commit themselves to human rights and to fight against social injustice. This hypocrisy is their reputation and credibility costs.”

In addition to the cancel of the performances is Kasparov also that of the artists and their excuses have to offer. “Not only to their millions of fans but also to the thousands of people who wrongfully imprisoned and tortured under the watchful eye of the Saudi government.”

The international stars are booked to perform on the Saudi Ad Diriyah E-Prix-festival, a electric Formula E-race and multi-day music festival from 13 to 15 december 2018.

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