Ariana Grande launches video clip with apologies to Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande Pete Davidson: “I’m Sorry I gave in’

They launched the video with a surprising apology to her ex-fiance Pete Davidson. In the part that refers to the movie Mean Girls wears them a book called the Burn Book. Where that booklet in the film is meant to have girlfriends to burn, Ariana in her clip is a positive twist to it. The page they dedicated to him, is full of sweet lyrics, like ” I love you forever’, ’ Sorry I died’ and ’friends forever’.

On the picture of the two of them had Ariana hearts pasted on his face. They also gave a hint to his genitals in the clip. In a kind of conversation with Jennifer Coolidge, she has a ’ boy with a big, ” writes TMZ.

In the video, other celebrities, such as Bella and Gigi Hdid and Kris Jenner.

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