“Anyone can punch and kick at Rico’

Rico Verhoeven

The image with the moving head is the first robotbeeld of the museum. The robotversie of Rico Verhoeven will not be able to talk, but his head can to the visitors to move. So a staredown with the multiple world champion in kickboxing.

The head of the Robot-Rico is made of silicone and the body will consist of fiberglass. The hands will probably be of was. The museum is committed to provide visitors an interactive experience, says a spokeswoman for the museum.

They let you know that next to the image of Rico is a ’dummylijf’, a type of bag in a form of a triangle, where the visitor against them can punch and kick. With every stroke or knock, the visitor hears the voice of Rico that him or her encourage to be harder to save. The place which is captured on the dummylijf is with light projected on the robotbeeld of Rico. This may against Rico gekickbokst be without the real picture breaks down.

The image is expected to be in July to see in Madame Tussauds.

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