Alberto Stegeman wins almost a quarter million in poker tournament

“This is a dream come true, it is unreal,” says Stegeman after the end of the tournament for the camera PokerCityNL. But, he continued Stegeman, “you have to have luck, of course.” Then said his interviewer him fervently against. “Now you do yourself deficit, because we have quite a few very sexy bluffs seen.”

Stegeman is known of his tv program Undercover the Netherlands and calls himself a fanatic on pokergebied. “Poker has of course also a name of ‘gambling’ and there are, of course, a lot of people under it. But it’s also really a a sport and it is something people with a lot of pleasure to be able to experience. Be careful, but it can also happen,” he said referring to his grand prize of over two tonnes.

Kilian Kramer captured with 160.432 euros for second place and Teun Mulder may with a third place and a ton of home.

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