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AA Gent still reaches a point within the field of Lokeren

A cold evening in the Waasland, there is almost one in a minor key become for AA Gent. Buffalo’s got a lot of chances against Lokeren, but scored for a long time. Did the troops of Trond Sollied, however, twice even, but in the lock, grabbed Ghent still has a point: 2-2.

At Ghent dropped Jess Thorup Vadis Odjidja again in the base, but in the early stages was Lokeren is the better team. Already in the fourth minute, escaped the visitors at a disadvantage. The Knight sent Hupperts on walking. That kept good overview and explained perfectly for Miric, but that threw the leather incomprehensible next to the cage of Kalinic. Also a header from Miric was not against the nets.

Chakvetadze took the when welletje and took the race in hands for the city. He could in minute 18 even right at The Wolf, but it was there, strangely enough, for to to Limbombe. Way chance for the Buffalo’s. On the other side missed an attempt of Terki the purpose and tested Miric, again, he, without success, the reflexes of Kalinic. Ghent claimed rightly hands of The Knight on the edge of the sixteen, but got the error. Just before the rustsignaal, it was still 1-0. Marecek took from just outside the sixteen. The ball week in Rosted and disappeared untenable in goal.

Gent misses, Lokeren scores

Immediately after peace was peculiar enough Lokeren that took the initiative. Hupperts went for the umpteenth time on walking and seemed to go pick up, but just then he tripped over his own feet. Unfortunately for the Dutchman. On the other side had Vadis out of luck. He took a dropping ball on the shoe, but hit the outside of the pole. That was the beginning of a good period of Ghent.

The Wolf had to be alert to a header from Bronn. Barely a minute later, Chakvetadze the dead ball line. The Georgian explained perfectly for Awoniyi, a few metres from goal, yet still managed to hit the ball against a Lokerse defender to shoot. Gent insisted, but it was after about an hour on a second tegengoal. A cross from Hupperts shot by Terki, that the 2-0 easy goal headed home. Kalinic stood there and looked at it.

Final assault

Thorup brought David in, but the first opportunity after that a replacement was already for Miric. The deep striker kicked the ball, however, high on and next to. On the other side saved The Wolf up to two times on the efforts of David and Awoniyi. Cevallos then hit the pole for the city of Lokeren and suddenly scored Ghent. Rosted was the 2-1 against the nets after a free-kick from Dompé. The Buffalo lived on and Bronn made two minutes before time, the 2-2. As a real striker: tackle, run and shoot. Also after inspection of the video footage remained the goal.

In the remains of Ghent seventh with 25 points from seventeen matches. Lokeren has 11 points, and after collaborating last with Waasland-Beveren.

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