Yellow Bibs: French students in the street

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PARIS – The social unrest in France to protests among students led. French media reported on a range of secondary schools, actions for which students the institution block.

Yellow Hesjesdemonstrant in Paris.

Students of universities are Friday demonstrate. Their actions focus mainly against controversial educational reforms and against “the hard-line policies of the government” as a union of school students reported.

The protests against the policies of the liberal government of president Emmanuel Macron in november began with the movement of the ’cardigans jaunes’ (yellow vests). That is mainly on social media and argues chaotic with blocks of the traffic against the increasing fuel prices.

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The first national protestdag of the yellow shirts brought november 17, nearly 300,000 demonstrators on the streets. A week later there were an estimated 100,000 ’cardigans jaunes’ on the street.

Saturday is according to the messages from the ’cardigans jaunes’ is the third national protestdag, with the ’epicentre’ of Paris. Students and student organizations have as well as the out CGT announced Saturday, also to demonstrate. The CGT mainly for higher wages.

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