Woman touches eye lost after shower

Essen – A woman from the Belgian Essen, on the border with the Netherlands, an eye is lost by a parasite in tap water.

Archive photo of contact lens

Probably was the parasite in the water of a shower that she took while she has her contact lenses in, said the woman Friday morning in the program ‘Start Your Day’ on Radio 2 Antwerp (VRT).

A oogspecialiste of the University Hospital of Antwerp warned in the radio program for the risk of tap water for bearers of contact lenses.

“Three years ago, I go sailing and I had my lenses still in,” said Petra van Kalmthout. “Afterwards I have a shower and probably ran it when wrong. There is water between my eye and the contact lens itself. This is a parasite that is very innocent, except when he is on your eye can nest.”

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For Petra began a agony of three years, including a failed transplant. Since two weeks, she has an artificial eye’.

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“This is a rare story,” says professor Carina Koppen, head of the department of ophthalmology of the UZA in The Newspaper. “Usually we see of bacterial infections in patients can look forward to. But if this parasite strikes, than suffer the patient a lot of pain and that can take years.”

“The parasite acanthamoeba is in the sea, pond and tap water. If you go swimming or showering, do you lenses be sure. You lenzendoosje and the lenses themselves, you may also certainly not use tap water to rinse”, warns professor-Heads. “Ophthalmologists recognize the disease is often difficult because they are so rare.”

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