Weerpraatjes Frank Deboosere of poetry published

“And the sun’s cycle through the heavens” (publisher P) is the title of a new book with 52 poems of Karel Sergen on the basis of texts from the colorful weather of VRT weatherman Frank Deboosere. From January to december passing our collective weergeheugen the revue. After each poem is featured in the book in addition a Demo picture taken from his collection weerfotografie.

Sergen, who since 1984, a dozen books of poetry to his credit and in several literary magazines published, sifted for this book, thousands of weather forecasts and warnings of Bush. “A gold mine it was. You stumble across the original images. Also the humor and involvement fall on”. The poet performs the poems to his own words, “the known weather elements as puppeteers in a sometimes cruel charade”.
Lit. “And the sun’s cycle through the heavens” (128 p., Ed. P).

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