Waylon takes Bibi and baby to occur


His girlfriend and newborn daughter, should the shows not to be missed is Waylon. “Everything is settled, they get a nice room backstage.” The baby was Saturday born. “We are now a week a family. We have a lot of hugs,” says the 38-year-old father about the new maternity home.

“This was my great desire, our great wish. I wanted this for a number of years. Bibi and Teddy are my basis. This is everything I dreamed of. People ask me sometimes to my ambitions. Yes, great concerts and world-famous. But to have a baby to feed, I now have a another talent to tap. Who are you and what do you have to give it to someone? It’s a responsibility that we go together.”


It goes very well with Teddy and Bibi and also the birth went according to your wishes, says Waylon. “Teddy provides us with a wealth which we could only dream of. The birth went well, without complications. Actually as you wish that it would go.”

To the relief of Waylon was Teddy a week before the expected date of birth, making her arrival not to coincide with the concert series. “Luckily, it was the baby a week earlier, so I got there in the run-up to the Ahoy concerts total no stress. A baby you can’t plan and this Top 1000 concerts I had a year ago announced. We said to each other: we’ll see what it is. If it is so, is so.”

Ten years

Bibi was during the previous edition is still on the stage with Waylon. The spark was just between them will be skipped. They got to know each other in 2017 during the second season of It Takes 2.

Waylon is the next time pressure as a jury member of The Voice of Holland and runs warm for a new theatre tour in which he celebrates that he’s ten years as an artist success. “But in addition, in the coming time, a lot of Teddy.”

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