Vranjes react to riot around fascism-tattoo

Ognjen Vranjes

The discussion is mainly political. ’Serbian’ Vranjes is not loved by the Bosnians. “About who’s going to be in this discussion? About me or Momcilo Dujic”, open Vranjes his argument.

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“Would my tattoo be important, I was in the Bosnian third class to play football? Would this discussion be, if I’m not abroad to play football and succcesvol? Before you judgments, you must know where I come from, you must the history of my nation know. My tattoo I have because it is something important for me. I respect others who have other things on their body. Whether it is about messages, symbols… They have about it only being accountable towards themselves and the Lord. What is wrong with a tattoo on nationalism and the relationship between minorities and their occupying power? Countries conquered and civilizations destroyed, but there seems to be no one to disturb. ’Duke’ Dujic is a spiritual one that had the courage to stand up at a time that my people suffered. He had the audacity to stand against the occupiers.”

Symbol of resistance

Vranjes is not that he will be held accountable. “I would not someone the lesson lenze, but for me and the majority of the Serbs and the Serbian nation, Dujic a hero and a symbol of the resistance against the enemy. The right to stand against the occupation, we can no-one take it away. The history has many faces. I’ve got it right with my body do what I want. This right should not be affected.”

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That his position within the Bosnian national team discussion, he finds strange. “Or I fit am, it turns out not to be important. I will always be the maximum, regardless of what is on my body. If you’re more interested in my tattoos, my bank account, my family, my free time and not with what I you as a football player can offer on the field, then I can’t really help.”


Politics plays an important role in the whole discussion. Vranjes: “It’s not my fault that Bosnia-Herzegovina consists of two ethnic groups. It is also not my fault that there are three religions in my country. It is not my fault that the politics is complicated, that the population is misled and living in poverty, which makes tolerance to others under the freezing point is dropped. I take it them are not blame! They consider that a problem with Dujic, actually have a problem with themselves. Tolerance to me means not silence but diversity accept and appreciate. My people and the heroes will live for ever”, decided Vranjes.

Vranjes was already in disrepute with other tattoo with a map of the ’controversial’ Serbian border. It gave him problems with a hard core of Bosnian fans.

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Not acceptable

“I know that guy who’s on his arm is not, but if he is indeed fascist link, that is not acceptable”, says the Anderlecht-trainer Hein Vanhaezebrouck. “But I also get the impression that Vranjes is now fully filleted. That tattoo he has perhaps already for years (actually, July 11, red) and only now is being noticed. He recently played two international matches for the Bosnian national team? I understand the commotion which has arisen, but will you now explore? His body is all full of tattoos, hey.”

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