Vlemmix must pay because of sex doll are Mine

According to the right is Mine with the plan in her honor and good name tarnished. Vlemmix came at the end of last year on the idea of life-size dolls of celebrities. Mine would be one of them. The showbizzdiva was not charmed by the idea that her image of a sex doll would be made.

A bizarre idea,’ said Mine against the judge. ,,You’re not going to just be a pop where every man over can. Pure slander.’ They had, therefore, 30,000 euros is required, what they are after negotiations about a possible settlement Friday still adapting to 15,000 euros. The judge had already indicated much less than 30,000 euros, to go point.

Mine demanded Friday in the first instance that Vlemmix also in the future no dolls released, under penalty of 50.000 euro. That requirement left, however, they fall, now Vlemmix had already let you know that there is still no doll was and that he with the dolls was stopped.

Vlemmix recognised for the seat that he himself also had a little look at the story about the sex doll of Mine. And against the right: , But it was never intended that a sex doll would be.’ The entrepreneur said that he had a doll museum when Madame Tussauds wanted to start, but with heated, moving and talking dolls. The idea of the sex doll came according Vlemmix only by a question from a journalist or you have sex with could have. ,,When I mentioned that that could.’

Vlemmix wanted Friday morning was a himself similar to pop along to the court, but the security refused. The doll, which he in a wheelchair, had to remain outside.

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