Video: Because Instagrammers put fortune down for budgetschoen

LOS ANGELES – Budgetschoenmerk Payless has dozens of ’influencers’ quite fooled by shoes of a few tens to hundreds of dollars to sell.

Models and other ’influencers’ were quite fooled.

The cheap brand of shoes, opened a luxury shoe store in Los Angeles: Palessi. The festive opening of the ’new’ brand came about eighty Instagrammers, vloggers and models, reports Nieuwsblad. The guests said under the impression of the brand of shoes. “You notice that the quality is,” said one of the fashiondeskundigen.

They catered for feel free to $ 600 (525 euro) for a pair of shoes that, in reality, still no $ 20 charge. The brand of shoes wants to prove that cheap shoes just as good trendy.

The fooled buyers get incidentally their money back. The shoes should they be allowed to keep.

The promotion on Instagram a lot of praise. ’Gold’, writes @andreabonelli. “This team deserves an award.’

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