VIDEO – a Lawyer must report in scheidsrechterskamer

Dick Advocaat

Lawyer wound, in particular on on the not given penalty for FC Utrecht, when Oussama Tannane down went into a duel with Jeffry Fortes. Martens gave no penalty kick, waited for the judgment of the videoscheidsrechter and remained in his opinion. That set bad blood with Lawyer.

“You must yourself to the images look”, bite the coach of the visitors Martens during the rest in the catacombs. Then the arbitrator or arbitrators, Solicitor of the trainerskamer beckoned. FC Utrecht looked at that moment already at a 3-0 deficit, and that meant a negative milestone for the Lawyer. In the 325 previous Premier league matches that the trainer coached, he was never after 26 minutes with a 3-0 behind…

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