Van Dijk: ’We are not a sh*tteam’

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According to Reds defender Virgil van Dijk, however, all is not so bad as the figures suggest. “We should not think that we have a sh*tteam. This can happen,” says Van Dijk.

The captain of Orange continues: “We must not forget that we have the recordings against Napoli. one of the best teams of Europe and PSG, one of the favourites for the einzege. Of course, there was the duel in Belgrade (2-0 defeat against Red Star, red.) not good enough.”

Van Dijk frustrated by a still in strong position.

Liverpool has a win of 1-0 or two-goal difference required to Napoli in order to obtain the knock-out stages to reach. But then you have the errors, be aware Of Dike. “The frustererende is how we get the goals collection. We must now look to the future. The only option is Napoli beat and the next round. No matter what happens.”

On a visit to PSG (2-1 defeat) annoyed the players of Liverpool itself immensely to the theatre of Neymar & co. Of course, the wereldklassespelers that we respect, but what they do is not always needed. But they score twice, and we lost. That’s it.”

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