Van Bronckhorst: ’Our ambition is to be champion’

Giovanni van Bronckhorst

“It is not so that a defeat at all no chance for the title,” says the Rotterdam-based trainer. “But it is very, very difficult.”

Feyenoord is now thirteen points behind PSV, but can the hole shrink to seven points, as the leader of the premier league Sunday beats and then Thursday is also the inhaalwedstrijd against VVV-Venlo to win. “Our ambition is to be champion and prices address. The last few years we have done this correctly. We also want to now and again for as long as possible to join the championship and the sweetest, of course, champion,” said Van Bronckhorst.

“Sunday will determine how the rest of our season is going to be. We need to win to be in the race for the championship, because we are now too far behind. If we win, we make the hole smaller. But we are not yet, there is more. It would be a first step.”

Van Bronckhorst wants, not to speak of a stunt as their team as the first to succeed PSV this season points cheat in the premier league. “A stunt, I find, is something nobody expected, something that is impossible. RKC in the cup win at PSV, that is a stunt. But we are Everton. If we PSV win, that is not a stunt. I understand that people have us as underdogs. But we all know what is here in The Cockpit can happen. Hopefully, we can be there Sunday an old-fashioned Cockpit-afternoon. That depends on what we do on the mat.”

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