Ukraine challenges Russia to European court

9f761a89bf713a4fb9e25b339829a66f - Ukraine challenges Russia to European court

STRASBOURG/OTTAWA – Ukraine has a complaint against Russia filed to the European Court for Human Rights. The reason is the actions of the Russian coast guard against Ukrainian ships in the Strait of Kerch on the coast of the Crimean peninsula. The incident of last Sunday, where Ukrainian seafarers are arrested, to international tensions led.

Protesters that Russia is an evil role may be ascribed to the opgelaaide conflict with Ukraine.

The EU is threatening more sanctions against Russia and the American president, Trump agreed to a meeting with his Russian counterpart Putin. The G7, the group of seven western leading economies, has in a statement Friday, the actions of Russia in the straits convicted.

Russia has the 24 Ukrainians transferred to Moscow; three to a prison hospital because they were injured, and 21 to the Lefortovo prison in the southeast of the Russian capital.


Ukrainian naval ships approached last Sunday in waters between Russia and the Russia ingelijfde Crimea a narrow passage at Kerch, where Russia is also a bridge to the Crimea has been built. The Russians also had a cargo ship, transversely laid in the narrow strait of Kerch, on the route of the Ukrainians.

According to Moscow, were ignoring the Ukrainian crews all warnings and signs to stop, and when the fire opened, and a ship rammed. Three Ukrainian ships with their crew have been applied. Ukraine states that the Ukrainian crew nothing wrong and that Russia’s aggressive acts.

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