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TRON should get Privacy Features and announces US $ 100 million Gaming Fund

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TRON should get Privacy Features and announces US $ 100 million Gaming Fund

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Marcel Knobloch –

TRON is to cut out the arch-enemy of Ethereum in the long term, and the better platform for the development of decentralized Apps. In a new Interview, Justin Sun talks about the future developments of the project and highlights that TRON should get a Privacy Feature.

In a new Episode 212 of “The Bad Crypto Podcast” talks Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, with a crypto-journalist Rachel Wolfson on the current progress around the project Atlas as well as upcoming Upgrades in the case of BitTorrent. TRON is currently working in addition to it, the Privacy Features in the next year, at the beginning of 2019. Facebook, Google and/or Twitter to collect valuable data during the usage and use this information for the display of advertising. This should be a once and for all. Sun wants to promote the decentralization of the Internet and the users control over their data.

Next year, TRON zk-SNARKS (Zero-Knowledge Proofs), which can be used to improve the privacy of the entire network and transactions through the use of so-called “Stealth addresses” are not tracked. This was necessary because the Community is pushing already for a long time on that function and now in the bear market, a good Zeitunkt is to implement important Upgrades.

TRON kündgt US $ 100 million Gaming Fund

Yesterday the TRON Foundation announces the creation of a new Fund called the “TRON Arcade”, the capital in the amount of 100 million USD, covers, and within the next 3 years gradually paid out. This Fund is aimed particularly at developers, the Blockchain-games in TRON-develop the network and the progress of the entire Ecosystem as well as its reputation. The Blockchain will play a key role, since an open and transparent block chain technology is deployed and there will be no secrets or hidden information (translated freely):

TRON strives, the existing problems of the game industry to address, by the open, transparent and constant for the technology of the Blockchain technology. TRON Arcade will play a crucial role in encouraging developers to our Mission to participate and users around the world, the best Blockchain-to offer a game experience.

TRON creates another leg to stand on, in addition to project Atlas and BitTorrent that a large role in the future development of the crypto market and a decisive advantage over other projects can offer.

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