Tommy Lee furious, Travis Scott

Tommy Lee announces

Tommy posted on Wednesday a video of the stage of Travis’ Astroworld-tour in addition to a clip from the last tour of the band. On the stages are similar roller coasters are placed. “I come here just behind, this idiot Travis Scott or something and his team have the Crüecifly nicked” he declared then.

Thursday came the rocker with more accusations. Travis would the production company have hired that also the stage set of the conscious Mötley Crüe was putting together. Then Tommy in a number of expletives in your language let us know what the people who rather uneven gifts of him allowed to do.

The attorney of Travis responded opposite People. “Tommy has the idea of a roller coaster on a stage, not invented, so there is no legal reason for this accusatory outburst. The one that this design has thought of Travis are given the right to use the equipment as a complement to the further design of his stage.”

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