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The netherlands under the spell of a briefcase that disappeared in 1985, and that schaatsbond secretly loved

A gone case with urine samples of four schaatssters in the Netherlands, 33 years after the incident caused a fuss. The briefcase was stolen, the urine samples could not be examined.

It went to the doping control after the European championship allroundschaatsen for women in Groningen. Andrea Schöne from the former GDR won that tournament. Her compatriot Sabine Brehm finished third, the Dutch schaatssters Yvonne van Gennip and Ria Visser were, respectively, second and fourth.

From a reconstruction of The Volkskrant and the television show Other Times Sports show Friday that Royal Dutch Schaatsenrijders Bond (KNSB) and the theft of the suitcase in the cover up has stopped. The Dutch team doctor Rob Pluijmers would be the case, the content of which in the laboratory of the Radboud Hospital in Nijmegen would be examined, in de Waal have thrown. The doctor says that not more to remember. Three days after the disappearance of the urine samples put the KNSB Pluijmers on non-active. The lab had equipment taken into use for testosterone to detect.

Van Gennip had at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS on 12 and 13 January 1985, it the 3,000 and the 5,000 meters win, Angler of the 1,500 meters. Schöne, with her compatriot Karin Kania to 1988 supreme in the vrouwenschaatsen, triumphed only in the 500 metres. The year before, were the Dutch skaters after the Olympic Winter games in Sarajevo without a single medal returned home.

Coach Tjaart Kloosterboer and the schaatssters had then insisted on increase of the training intensity and improved medical guidance to the DDR-schaatssters to find out. Van Gennip, who three years later in Calgary three times gold, conquered, and Visser deny ever banned stimulants have used.

Pluijmers, who was working at the pharmaceutical company Organon that testosteronpillen produced, and that later in the world of cycling was active, six years ago in an interview said that in the eighties it was common practice outside of the competition period for athletes anabolic compounds.

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