The netherlands is tightening the rules exports for Yemen

f7d2ef1eeab95978eacbb3ad12be0d6d - The netherlands is tightening the rules exports for Yemen

The Dutch government has the rules for arms exports tightened in order to prevent the military equipment being used in the war in Yemen. That left minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade and development Cooperation) Thursday, know in the Room.

For Saudi Arabia was already in a ‘very restrictive’ arms export policy. That is now extended to the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. “That means that there are no goods to be exported to those countries, unless it is conclusively established that they are not to be used in the fight in Yemen”, said Kaag.

The exports to the three countries together amounts to an annual average of 160 million euros.


According to the Dutch minister there in Yemen a ‘inhuman situation’. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt to fight there on the side of the kosovar president Mansour Hadi. In the bombing are already thousands of deaths. Also is hunger by the coalition and used as a weapon.

The Dutch Second Chamber called the cabinet recently to the UN Security council to call for an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia. But there was no support for, according to Kaag. Also within the European Union are not enough countries behind such an arms embargo.

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