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Swedish ‘Blitzkrieg’ gives Genk a small hangover

Racing Genk seemed to be on the field of Malmö on the road to qualification for the next round in the Europa League. The Limburgers were 0-2 in Malmö, but Sweden won by two goals in two minutes, draw off the fire. Therefore, nothing is yet decided in Group I.

Few surprises in the basiself of Genk. Clement opted to take his strongest team with, among other Trossard, Malinovsky and Pozuelo. Initially, Genk difficult in the harsh Swedish cold, but in the course of the first half took the leader in the Jupiler Pro League to take matters into your hands. A bustling Trossard was the first that the reflexes of goalkeeper Dahlin tested, but without success.

Trossard did not do that much a second time later on, while on the other side Vindheim next to the cage by Vukovic kicked after he a lot of space. Pozuelo and Trossard did the Swedish defence pain, but to goals led that initially. To five minutes for the rustsignaal the People wages to work got. A correctly-timed dumb barge after a beautiful action of Trossard and then the ice cold finishing of Pozuelo made the 0-1.

Swedish ‘Blitzkrieg’

Not long after the break, it was the 0-2 on the board. Pozuelo saw Paintsil at the right time and gave the Ghanaian the ball into the alley. Who did not hesitate and ramming the leather is cold the corner. Genk on the way to the next round and Malinovsky scored almost a third of the Limburg goal. But then there were suddenly the Swedes of Malmö.

In the 65th minute brought Antonnson the ball well, Nielsen did it learn to walk, and there was suddenly Lewicki that the ball perfectly in the corner kegelde: 1-2. Malmö lived and barely two minutes later, hung the signs right again. Dewaest was suddenly alone with Rieks. Who was his colleague Antonsson but to serve, and that left Vukovic no chance: 2-2.

It was a moment of panic for Genk, but the Swedish storm eventually went. The best chance was for the visitors. Pozuelo had the ball on the left, but decided on his own to weak to Dahlin. Therefore, it remained 2-2. Genk remains the leader with 8 points, but is not yet sure of qualification. Besiktas went with a 2-3 win in Sarpsborg, and now has 7 points. Malmö has 6 and Sarpsborg 5. On the last day is the Genk-Sarpsborg and Besiktas-Malmö.

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