Sponsors VI: do not agree with Derksen

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Rene van der Jibe, Wilfred Genee and Johan Derksen

This is evident from a tour of the companies. Derksen and the program are already for a longer time under fire because they are at the table with regularity ’jokes’ that a lot of people are homophobic, racist and sexist to be found. Derksen responded in the last two broadcasts in young gay football supporters who have a lance, try to break it for less homophobia in the stadiums. They wrote about an urgent letter to the KNVB and the eredivisieclubs.

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Derksen suggested that gays and lesbians are to appoint, not nature and are not can take a joke. In response to this shared thousands of lgbt people (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders) on the internet their often poignant coming-out stories. Derksen said Friday, in the broadcast to respond to all the criticism. Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Emancipation said with Derksen and the team of Football Inside in conversation about their homograppen and homophobic comments.

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Transmitter Veronica then distanced himself earlier is not of the homograppen of the analysts. The three business partners do that with terminal, but also that they do not yet have taken action. “We don’t always agree with the opinions of the men, but that’s not necessary,” says a spokesman from Toto. “We find that everybody is safe must feel in the world of sport lgbt people.” Toto lets you know “with interest to see how Derksen Friday, responding to the commotion.” The company does not, then a different point of view to take about the statements of the analyst.

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Also beer brewer Bavaria let request know “, of course, for tolerance towards lgbt people.” “What Johan Derksen at the table calls, it is his opinion; that is his right, even if thereby men be hurt. That is the concept of the program.” Bavaria reserves the right to revisit this position, as Derksen Friday night at the riot has responded,

Football Inside clothing

Also, Kruidvat, that Football Insider selling clothes, insists to distance itself from the jokes about gays, women, and the dark Dutch that the tafelheren of Football Inside. “We recognize here, and to distance us. But we see it not yet as our job to intervene”, said a spokesman of the company.

The three former sponsors of Football Inside and tv station RTL that the program, when transmitted, addressed the three analysts to the table in February to a ’joke’ around the Belgian journalist Bo boudewijn van Spilbeeck, who had decided henceforth to live as a woman. René van der Jibe then he was on a dress, and said, laughing now ’Renate’ to name a few. Two of the three sponsors when the program is linked, Heineken and Gillette, are now not sponsor more.

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