Spectacular comeback gives Utrecht a point on

Simon Gustafson extends from the dot to the 3-3.

The contest at the Woudestein was only eight minutes old when the home team already had a 2-0 lead over the competition. Elias Omarsson took the openingsgoal for his account, after a hakbal of Ali Messaoud against the post came, and the rebound of Jerdy Schouten cracked. Omarsson reacted the quickest and blasted the 1-0. Two minutes later doubled Ryan Koolwijk the margin.


The midfielder was completely free in the penalty area and was fine aangespeeld by Luigi Bruins. With a beautiful brush stroke in the far corner showed Koolwijk, FC Utrecht goalkeeper David Jensen no chance. In between, had Messaoud also the zijnet affected. The visitors were in the opening phase also offense apply, but they were not. Sander of the Region lap after a good return of Sean Klaiber on Sonny Stevens, and Mark van der Maarel headed home from a corner kick not far over.

The latter lap after a half hour of playing even a dropping ball more than in addition to, while Oussama Tannane counted on a penalty kick after he was in a duel with Jeffry Fortes to the ground. Referee Richard Martens reviewed the crash, however, is not considered a violation, and was, in his judgment, supported by the videoscheidsrechter. It aroused the anger of a Lawyer, that his dissatisfaction clearly showed the direction of the arbitration.

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Negative milestone

Excelsior got in the first half but a penalty, after Fortes was knocked out by Van der Maarel. Bruins showed himself to be extremely cool of eleven metres and put a Lawyer so after 26 minutes in a 3-0 deficit, something the coach in his previous 325 duels as a Premier league coach had never before happened.

With Nick Venema for Van der Maarel decided Lawyer after resting all or nothing to play, and that was rewarded. On reference Klaiber made Gyrano Church after ten minutes of the 3-1, and then Venema the 3-2 within tapped. The young striker reacted fastest when the ball after a turned shot from Oussama Tannane for his feet.


Halfway through the second half if Simon Gustafson from the strafschopstip construction, after Tannane to the ground was gone. The Swede remained extremely calm and pulled back the 3-3. Both teams went into the final full of for the profit, and the biggest chance was for Excelsior-substitute Mounir El Hamdaoui. His attempt with the outside right could by Stevens, however, harmless to be made.

FC Utrecht ended the match with ten men, because Klaiber short time with his second yellow card of the field was sent.

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