Son controversial ’haatimam to the Netherlands

BRUSSELS – The son of a Dutch-Moroccan ’haatpredikant’ in Belgium lived and two years ago in a movie called christians to kill is to the Netherlands turned off. That makes the Belgian state secretary Theo Francken (Asylum and Migration) in a “dienstmededeling” on Twitter known. “He is back to the Netherlands. His father I have already returned, so that is a beautiful thing,” says Francken in his videotweet.

The Dutch-Moroccan haatimam El Alami Amaouch leave its traces.

The son of a preacher El Alami Amaouch, also known as Alami abu Hamza, was in 2016 in time to get hit because he was in the movie ’night by the Walloon Verviers runs while he was in Arabic calling for the murder of christians. “Oh Allah, destroy the hated christians. Kill them all, spare no one.”

The teenager had then a deradicaliseringprogramma follow. He has reached the age of majority and is due to his Dutch passport Belgium turned off. His father would be many young people in the region of Verviers have radicalised. A number of them would go to Syria are left to fight. Verviers is as a shelter for terrorists associated with the attacks in Paris and Brussels.

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