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So dangerous in the crypto world

A normal day in the crypto world offers many dangers. Crypto Ticker gives a brief insight into what a day in the crypto world to happen.
The following events all took place on a typical day within a period of only 24 hours.

1. 51% attack on Low-Cap

AurumCoin (AU), a crypto-currency, which refers to itself as “the first Gold-hedged Open-Source crypto-currency,“ claimed to be the victim of a 51% attack. Cryptopia, which is listed on the Exchange, on the Aurora, lost 15.752,26 AU (about$ 550,000 in at the time of the writing of this article). AurumCoin shows the Finger at the Exchange and accused of Cryptopia. On the Website, the Team has published a Disclaimer stating that they are answerable to no one, since it is an Open-Source crypto-currency. Cryptopia, however, could find no loss.

The concept of AurumCoin (AU) is built on the fact that each Aurum Token is bound to a certain number of pure 24K Gold. Each AU-Token is deposited with 0.75 grams of Gold stored in secure vaults around the world. Since 2014, Aurum operates its own Blockchain, strangely, it is in spite of a Hardcap of 300,000 Coins possible, to mines Aurum.

In the case of a 51% attack, it’s about control more than 50% of the total Hash Power of the network. The Hash Rate of the network is to be calculated the measure for the speed of the Hashes in the network, this process is referred to as Hashing. A successful attack would give the attacker the ability to control transactions, including the stops of new transactions, the cancellation of ongoing transactions and the implementation of Double-Spends. In the past, currencies have been many Successful 51% attacks on a number of smaller Crypto.

AurumCoin was a simple goal, when you consider that the market capitalization amounted to only $ 10 million. The Hacker sent 15.752,26 AU on Cryptopia and sold them there for another crypto currency. After the completion of the transaction, the Hacker is said to have made the transaction through the Use of his Hash Power to undo. Cryptopia is a popular Exchange based in new Zealand. The Exchange is for the many Low-Cap Coins known that you can buy on your.

The Team of AurumCoin released the following Statement:

“The Aurum (AU) network has been hacked (51% attack), a total of 15.752,26 AU from the Cryptopia Wallet ( stolen. The AurumCoin-network bears no responsibility, because it is just like the Bitcoin network, an Open-Source crypto-currency. What makes it worse, however, is that the Management of Cryptopia denies everything. This approach is not the right way to solve a Problem of such kind.“

2. Hackers infiltrate Target’s Twitter Account

Of the 1.92 million Followers are heavy Twitter Account of the US retail giant Target was hacked. The Twitter Account of Target tweeted that a total of 5,000 Bitcoin to be distributed to “ALL“. What makes the whole Situation worse, however, is the fact that Twitter has the Tweet as a paid-for promotional Tweet waved through.

In the Tweet, the hackers added an image of a Bitcoin address. In total, the hackers were able to Scam, according to the transaction history of Bitcoins to the value of 38,000$. The Tweets have now been removed. Target has confirmed the Hack with the following Statement:

“Earlier today, our Twitter-Account to commit fraud. The Whole thing lasted about half an hour. We have now gained control of the account again, and now clarify in close contact with Twitter to this incident,”

3. Google’s official G-Suite’s Twitter account hacked

The crypto scammers that are hanging around on Twitter for a few weeks, have found their latest victim in the official G-Suite, Twitter Account, Google. The attack led to the G-Suite, Twitter Account, advertising rogue-Tweets tweeted, and Followers as part of a “Giveaways“ on a fraudulent Bitcoin address is forwarded.

It was found by Twitter several compromised Accounts. Twitter confirmed that they will take action to prevent something in the future. After the Target Hack, the G could be a sign of Suite Hack to the fact that such fraud with crypto-currencies first, will not disappear so quickly from the scene.

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