Screen Flanders invests almost one million euros in Flemish animation field

The Screen Flanders Economic Fund invests 995.000 euros in six new audiovisual productions. That has Flemish Economy minister Philippe Muyters today announced, reports the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) in a communiqué. Four of the six supported productions are animation projects with a Flemish studio at the helm. In addition, also the feature films ‘Breaking Surface’ and ‘Red Sara’ support of the fund.

The amounts per project vary between 55,000, and 375,000 euros. The investment of 995.000 euro will be a total of more than 7.6 million euro of audiovisual expenditure in the Flanders Region generate. The fund achieved an economic lever of 7,69 per euro invested.

The Belgian stop-motion animation studio Beast Animation will be the wonderful world of ‘Mr Paper’ to life. The animated series is based on the books by Gerda Dendooven and Elvis Peeters and is directed by Steven De Beul and Ben Tesseur, the duo behind ‘Rintje’. The Flemish producer is the new production company Mockingbird Productions.

‘Ollie’ is a new animated series for preschoolers from the Ghent studio and production company Lunanime. The director is Anton Info. Ollie is an owl, which, together with his friends in a small park lives, embedded and forgotten in the middle of the city. Together they go on a discovery of their poetic world.

The animated series ‘Interstellar Ella’ Grid Animation wants to children in a playful way to get acquainted with the world of stars, planets, and comets, and them by the adventures of Ella and her friends to familiarize themselves with the concepts from astrophysics. This 3D CGI-animated series is a co-production with the British Tinker Labs and the Canadian Ella Animation. Aardman Animations the series of international sales.

The Genk animation production company Walking The Dog is with the animatiespeelfilm ‘Charlotte’ on his second collaboration with French director Bibo Bergeron. The studio previously worked with the director, together for the animatiespeelfilm ‘A Monster in Paris’. ‘Charlotte’ is based on the autobiographical work ” Leben? Oder Theater’ of the Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon and brings the story of her struggle against nazism, and her personal demons.

Also have two fiction projects receive support from the fund. The Swedish-Belgian co-production ‘Breaking Surface’, directed by Joachim Heden, is the first production for the underwater shoots will make use of the new LITES-waterstudio in Vilvoorde. For this film about divers will no less than 17 days to be rotated in the waterstudio, which is among the most sophisticated of the European continent belongs.

Finally, invest Screen Flanders is also in ‘Red Sara’. The new film from Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert, based on real facts, tells the story of a father who is willing to push the limits to the life of his sick daughter to the rescue. Flemish producer is Eyeworks Film & TV Drama.

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