Rita Moreno plays at the age of 86 and again in ‘West Side Story’

Actress Rita Moreno, 86, meanwhile, will play a role in a remake of ‘West Side Story’, 54 years after they won an Oscar for her interpretation of Anita in the original production of Robert Wise. In 1931, in Puerto Rico-born actress is the movie, the first in the musicalgenre of Steven Spielberg, also produce. The name of the actress was not discussed in the initial project of the remake.

At the casting let Spielberg know that the main characters of Maria, Anita and Bernardo to Hispanics assigned had to be. In the version of 1961 was only the role of Anita by a Hispanic played by Rita Moreno. Moreno has the acting anyway, not yet forgotten: she currently plays in the Netflix series ‘One Day at a Time’.

The 71-year-old Spielberg dropped via the press attaché of Moreno know Moreno in her role as Anita “one of the best musical performances ever delivered”. Especially for her, was a role in the remake is created and there is Spielberg best proud. Moreno himself is, according to the press release, in the clouds.

In the remake plays Moreno Valentina, a “contemporary version” of the Doc, the bartender with the big heart which in the original was incarnated by Ned Glass.

‘West Side Story’ is one of the world, now adapted version of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The film is set in the neighborhood of Lincoln Square in Manhattan, a part of the Upper West Side. There are not the Capulets and the Montagues opposite to each other, but the gangs, Sharks and Jets. The musical is a new Broadway-life in a direction of our countryman Ivo van Hove. That goes for the choreography differ from that of Jerome Robbins.

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