’Redbad pulls on YouTube over 2 million viewers

The production house has to YouTube earlier this week summoned two tons to pay for the illegal distribution of the film. Farmhouse decided to do this because YouTube commercial breaks to one of the versions of Redbad on the channel had linked to. “In this way has the YouTube of the illegal distribution of content is a business model created,” says producer Klaas de Jong. “The measure is full. We are talking here about an illegal and punishable offence. And YouTube denies any responsibility.”

A spokesman for YouTube, in a comment to know not to comment on the claim and the allegations of the Farmhouse. “We never go in on individual cases,” he says. “Producers of a film can register if they find that their content is distributed. Then the film removed.” Also, manufacturers can, in advance, a ’digital fingerprint’ of their product in YouTube pass. If a film then is distributed through one of the providers on the site, sharing YouTube any advertising revenue that the video generates with the creators.


Also, the foundation Brain, which is committed for the infringement of copyright, is worried about the development that Farmhouse feel upset about. YouTube has the ads at Redbad now removed. Farmhouse increases the claim of 2 tons are not, because the other versions do not have ad breaks were placed.

Redbad pulled this summer in the Dutch cinemas still no 100,000 visitors.

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