Police gets a phone call from a crying girl: “Where is mama?’

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The police of Delft in the Netherlands shared a story of a little girl and her baby brother, who only were at home. The corps is sharing the story to other families to warn them.

“I started with ‘good police’, but before I had finished, I heard a kinderstemmetje questions: ‘where is mama?’ Writes that an agent in a remarkable post on Facebook. To the voice of the little girl to hear, she was according to the agent not earlier than four years. The parents proved to the cinema.

Too small to read

The man hears in the background a baby vienna, and the girl, that Emma is called, tells that her brother is. “But that is still very small,” says Emma.

The agent has little information available to the children to locate, and Emma knows only that she lives in Rotterdam. Her address doesn’t know them, and they can not yet read. First, the agents after a search at a wrong house. After a concerned neighbor and a small girl in a window frame saw and reported, the agents at the right house.

The parents of the children could no babysitting find and decided to go to the cinema. “Emma and her little brother to sleep, always have, and will never be for a particular hour of waking up. The parents have gambled that everything would come’, let the agent know. ‘Unfortunately, the children woke up early and created this awkward situation.’

The parents have a hearty conversation at the police station and receive guidance from the Youth care Agency.

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