’Phone Merkel may be sabotaged’

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BERLIN – The emergency landing of the German regeringstoestel with chancellor Angela Merkel on board that evening was possibly the result of sabotage. That report in the Rheinische Post on Friday on the basis of sources within the security services.

The incident as a “criminal act” were examined. The unit is interrupted over the Netherlands the flight to Argentina in order to make an emergency landing in Cologne. Cause was a technical fault. The experienced pilot would have declared that there was an “unprecedented failure of the communication system”. Such a failure was not possible, according to sources within the security services.

Merkel was Thursday night with, among others, Finance minister Olaf Scholz on the way to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. By the delay mist they the opening.

After an hour of flying initially, the pilot above Dutch territory technical problems with the Airbus A340-300. Some of the electrical systems went dead. The aircraft turned around and made a stop-over in Cologne for the passengers to transfer to another plane.

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