Peace returns to Brussels after riots Yellow Vests

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Brussels – A spontaneous protest by the yellow shirts made Friday in Brussels for a grim atmosphere. About five hundred activists occupy an important intersection in the city and threw smoke bombs and other objects at the police.

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Protesters in Brussels, throwing smoke bombs and other objects at the police.

At the protests of the ‘yellow vests’ in Brussels are two politiebusjes on fire. The police tried tear gas and a water cannon to the demonstrators to dissipate from the vicinity of the official residence of prime minister Charles Michel and the government buildings in and around the Rue de la loi.

The marchers have left a trail of destruction left behind. There are fences, tiles, bricks, losgerukte traffic signs and lights on the street, showing off images on social media.

The main concern in Brussels may at the beginning of the night is over. The police, the activists with yellow vests with the help of tear gas and a water cannon moved apart.


Three of the six traffic tunnels have been reopened and also the Rue de la loi, where the many buildings of both the Belgian government and the European institutions is for the traffic released.

The vrijdagavondspits proceeds according to the authorities, however, very difficult. Also the public transport experience is still affected by the demonstration, which quietly began but in the afternoon resulted in a confrontation between police and demonstrators. There were about sixty people arrested. The rioters left a trail of destruction after.

The spontaneous action began around 11 hours with around two hundred participants, but grew to a group of about five hundred. They do not agree with the rising cost of living. The police gave earlier this week permission for a demonstration but that was then, organisers annulled.

The police allowed the demonstrators this morning to wait in the Brussels stations and a group of around thirty activists was immediately held.

Yellow shirts demonstrating in Brussels against the premier.

“As a result of an action of the #gelehesjes be the Rue de la loi (at the height of the small ring), the Art-Wettunnel (direction city center) and the Jubelparktunnel (towards the centre) closed to traffic,” wrote the Brussels police on Twitter.

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