New work by Willy Willy) – third solo album!

The general public know the living national rock star Willy Willy especially if the – sometimes subtle and then explosive – guitarist of The Scabs. And as co-composer of some of the greatest successes of the group.
The man is, however, not for a single musical hole to catch. His versatile trail he previously also been noted by Vaya con Dios and Labour Adelt. Besides living the rasmuzikant since 2003 his very own musical demons out with the group of Willy Willy and the Voodoo Band, where he in addition to the most of the guitar work, the vocals too.

On his two previous albums were the compositions the result of an intense collaboration with fixed producer and good friend Patrick Riguelle. And also for his third roll under its own name – Vampire with a Tan – week Willy Willy not deviate from this tried and tested recipe. So, he draws together with Patrick again for the majority of the songs. On some songs also wrote to Guy Swinnen. In addition, two accurate covers on: an absolutely haunting version of the Roxy Music classic, ‘in Every Dream Home’ and the Neil Young song “Vampire Blues”, which is on an equally quirky treatment treated.

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