Music Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra accompanies National Fireworks

The orchestra, which is this year one hundred years, Friday the piece included. The music is typical for the fireworks was composed with big tricks, big explosions, and varying tempos. 75 orchestra members of the at the Rotterdam Philharmonic are involved.

“The fireworks display is tailored to the music,” says Heuvelman of the RPhO. “It’s pretty exciting for us to be the conductor and the orchestra so precisely timed that music and fireworks come together and work towards the culmination of both the detonation of each arrow as the turn of the year.” The orchestra plays with the turn of the year is not live.

At exactly 00.00 hours bursts of the fireworks and the live follow-up on the RTL-channels. Earlier in the evening at 19.10 hours for the second year in a row, the National Kindervuurwerk chipped. Earlier this year, 5000 children are expected. The Jeugdjournaal is doing a live report of the National Kindervuurwerk.

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