Miljuschka going to live together on the farm

Miljuschka and Philip

“Not too far away. The city must be near, otherwise I get hyperventilation of the peace and quiet around me. I have to now and again – and not in the weekend, because then it is just Venice – the metropolitan life feel. And then quickly back to my abode in the green to go,” she says to Flair, where she also writes.

“We are glad to our place, where we live and work. It is a big farm, we go there all fun projects to do. We are in that sense really to take. Last time I was there with my children and we have apples picked and pears and walnuts. If I get them from tree to tree, see run, I think: what a freedom. For me, that connection with food is important, so hands in the earth, chickens that walk around, crayfish out of the ditch to catch. And I can turn a vegetable garden construction. There, I’m looking forward most of all.”

Miljuschka wants to be on the farm, a kitchen building where she and her boyfriend, video producer, cooking programs can make. “Then I see myself a delicious cheesecake that we’re going on a long table together with the children to eat. Then I would dare saying to myself: pinch yourself, this really happens.”

Miljuschka divorced in 2015 of her husband, Tygo, after a relationship of seven years. With him she had a son and a daughter. “For me, it is best to use a very big step, buying a house, living together. In the beginning I asked all the time: “are you sure?’ For me it feels as if my friend now really do not away, but at the same time talk to I relationships that succeed. That is the crazy thing. I’m somewhere also restless in love: what if he falls in love with another? In my own home I had that peace built: I do not need anyone, because I can also only. That, I must now let go. But Philip is really sweet and patient. He gives me so much confidence that I me not to worry, I know that it sits well between us. And it is wonderful to be with him in that world of food to diving. We are also moddervet together. He already has two broekmaten more.”

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