MIA’s – Niels Destadsbader and Angèle each have seven nominations in the bag

9c85ba93d54285cddf7a16a3ee0bdb95 - MIA's - Niels Destadsbader and Angèle each have seven nominations in the bag

Angèle and Niels Destandsbader each have seven nominations in the bag for the Music Industry Awards (MIA’s) 2018. Tamino has five nominations to his name and Tourist LeMC four. That have the VRT and Kunstenpunt Friday published.

The MIA programs this year for the twelfth time awarded. The music connoisseurs of the Flemish radio – and tv-stations and the written press were selected per category to four nominees. The public and the music industry to choose from today their favorites. For this edition of the MIA’s, there are 35 groups and artists nominated.

Niels Destadsbader and Angèle with seven nominations, the most of the opportunity to return home with a MIA. They are chased by Tamino (five) and Tourist LeMC (three). Bazart and newcomers blackwave. and Whispering Sons came, each with three nominations in the wait.

In the category “Hit of the year” Lost Frequencies & Strange, Regi feat. Jake Reese, Niels Destadsbader and BLØF feat. Geike Arnaert against each other.

The public from Friday 30 november to Sunday 9 december to vote for their favourite in the categories “Album”, “Alternative”, “Dance”, “Breakthrough”, “Group”, “Folk”, “Pop”, “Solo women”, “Solo man”, “Urban”, “Flemish popular” and “Hit of the year”. The music industry and decides who the MIA in the categories “Artwork”, “Author/Composer”, “Live act”, “Musician” and “video Clip” take home.

The MIA’s will be issued on Thursday 7 February from Paleis 12 in Brussels.

For this show, which is broadcast live on One, the tickets are available through

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