Meghan Markle at home please

Meghan Markle is planning her baby in her own home on the world. However, it is the custom that the British royal babies to be born in the St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Still want the princess to choose for a “natural as possible” birth.

Meghan Markle seems more and more to break with the traditions of the British royal family. The British news website Graza reports that the wife of prince Harry plan to be at home to give birth to their child. “She is a great supporter of place of birth, but of the royals, are expected to have their children in the Lindo wing of the St. Mary’s Hospital in London on the world”, says an anonymous source.

“Meghan does not want to ‘gemediceerde’ birth, as she calls it. Instead, they will pool up in a relaxing environment. Even Harry found the desire surprising, but the princess wants to be sure that the birth be as natural as possible. If Meghan eventually not go to a hospital, an extensive medical staff her still.

According to the insider, would be the former actress from ‘Suits’ too remarkable to have plans for after the birth of her child. So she would be in the public want to breastfeed and to make sure that Harry is sure to be photographed while he is the baby. Curious about what queen Elizabeth of that entrepreneurial spirit.

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