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McLaren boss Zak Brown: “Hopefully we will see Stoffel Vandoorne back in F1”

McLaren boss Bag Brown admits that the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne two difficult years with McLaren in Formula 1 during that time. Despite the departure of Vandoorne of McLaren and Formula 1, believes Brown, however, in a comeback for Vandoorne.

“Stoffel is a great talent,” said the McLaren boss, as opposed to ‘Reuters’. “I think he fairly did it in a very bad car.”

“He also had a fairly difficult team-mate. We gave him two solid years and we gave Fernando and him equivalent material to ride. Sometimes it will match, however, just don’t.”

Vandoorne makes the transition from Formula 1 to Formula E, a racing series in which Stoffel Vandoorne according Bag Brown can be successful. The McLaren boss even believes in a return of Vandoorne to the Formula 1.

“I think he’s in the Formula E will be successful. I also think that we can see in Formula 1,” says Brown. “Stoffel is definitely a rider that is about the capacity for the Formula 1. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“It would not be the first time that a rider having problems with his first time in Formula 1 and then back to reverse and it is much better to do.”

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