Macaulay Culkin wants to change its name

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Macaulay Culkin

Not all suggestions are welcome: Macaulay has made a selection of five second names that he his passport is something you want to ’decorate your’. In the list on his lifestylesite a number of striking options. So is the top name in the poll exactly that of the actor: Macaulay Culkin. If that possibility out as the winner, the 38-year-old so Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin called.

The second option is Shark Week, the annual theme week Discovery Channel, where the Home-Alone-star-in her own words, of course, never to have looked at. Other naamsuggesties on the list are Kieran, to the well-known brother of the actor and TheMcRibIsBack, to the roll of a well-known fastfoodzaak. The last name Macaulay is considering is a Publicity Stunt, in which he reveals that the whole name change it probably for the publicity.

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