Koeman waits at Fener

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The 0-0 against Dinamo Zagreb is sufficient for Erwin Koeman to Fenerbahçe to the second round of the Europa League to guide them.

Since the oldest of the brothers Koeman the a month ago took over from the fired Phillip Cocu, he is the center of numerous speculations about the way in which ’Fener’ the trainerspositie going to fill. Koeman was never a concrete proposal to be longer at the helm. He has, to date, no offer received, and expects that his period as interim will soon end.

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,,What should I do but keep quiet? I live, and anyway, often with the day and here for sure. I see it. I do not believe that it is the turn of the year will be. I can’t imagine. That are still seven matches. It can be a day, a week. But I think actually not that much longer is going to last.”

Koeman has no idea what his role will be, if Fenerbahce will indeed be a new trainer. Also an option for a longer period, head coach connect Koeman. ,,It is wait and see what the club wants. There I wait of course. You read something, only there is never directly asked me ” what do you want’. Therefore, I expect that it is quickly going to happen.”

In difficult circumstances, with a club full of tumult and uncertainty, trying Koeman the focus on the soccer ball to keep, and he does his job as well as possible. ,,As long as it takes, I do everything to the best of its ability. That is also my job. Such as at this moment, I let the boys did not fall. Who have it hard enough. We’re all in the same boat.

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