Joris Hessels proud of that new tv program

Joris Hessels has to Canvas The Weekends, a program in which he and nine people talk a big year ahead of us. “I had with production company The Chinese for three seasons of Radio Gaga created for Canvas,” says Hessels in Gazet Van Antwerpen. “That was a very cool experience, but we are after three sets of stopped. During the last season I had the pleasure in to that program, but I felt more and more the need to the stories of those people learned to follow, then, that an hour in our caravan. If it could, I wanted them all seasons of the year can speak, and that I do now on The Weekends. Since march we have every month a weekend, and agreed on the wine castle of Haksberg in Rillaar (Aarschot) for a state of affairs.

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