Jihadist convicted of plotting attack Germany

HAMBURG – A court in Hamburg has a 20-year-old Syrian to 6.5-year prison sentence for plotting a heavy attack. The man wanted to be a car bomb detonate and two hundred people dead or injured.

German police officers with machine guns in Hanover after threat of terrorism around the friendly Germany-Netherlands in 2015.

Yamen A. was over a year ago, held in the Northern German city of Schwerin, having already spent some time in the holes was held. He had all the parts and chemicals for a bomb purchased and had been using the internet to communicate with someone who himself as a “soldier of the caliphate” presented.


The Syrian was in 2015 fled to Germany because of the military service. From the summer of last year, he was radicalised and supporter of Islamic State. What target he wanted to take with the attack is not known.

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